Vehicle insurance

If you are registering a vehicle in Germany, you will require mandatory liability insurance, this is the minimum legal requirement to be able to drive your vehicle on a public road. It provides insurance cover when an accident you cause with the insured vehicle results in people being injured and/or killed, property being damaged or destroyed and financial damages. In addition to the liability insurance, you may choose to take comprehensive cover/collision waiver. This provides insurance for damage that the driver causes to the insured vehicle and damage for which no-one else can be held liable, e.g. vandalism. It is usual to agree a deductible in the collision waiver section of the policy. If you do not wish to have comprehensive cover/collision waiver, you could choose fire, theft and glass breakage. This provides cover for damage/loss to the car that is caused by fire or explosion, theft & attempted theft of the vehicle or fixed parts thereof, unauthorised use of the car by unknown third parties, storm, hail, lightning & flood, collision with animals, marten bites to engine cables. The comprehensive cover/collision waiver also includes the fire, theft & glass breakage insurance.

Your annual premium rate will be based on a number of factors which we will discuss when you request an offer. If you are coming from abroad, please ask your previous insurer in your home country for confirmation of your no claims bonus, it will help to reduce your premium rate in Germany. Your vehicle insurance policy will begin the day the car is registered in your name and, unless you cancel the policy by November 30 of the same year, will automatically renew on January 1 for a further 12 months.